Puppy Kindergarten - Sundays at 2 pm

Photo by Ryan Walton on Unsplash
Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash.jpg
Photo by Ryan Walton on Unsplash
Photo by Vincent van Zalinge on Unsplash.jpg

Puppy Kindergarten - Sundays at 2 pm


Puppy kindergarten introduces your puppy to basic manners and gives him the self-confidence and social skills he needs to last him a lifetime. We'll work on basic behaviors like sit, leave it and come, but also take plenty of play breaks to keep it fun and problem-solve everybody's top puppy issues: chewing, biting, jumping up and house training. 

Your tuition comes with unlimited email behavioral support and puppy kindergarten graduates are entitled to 10% off all future Upward Hound classes.

Registration covers 6 weeks of our open-enrollment puppy class. Start as young as possible to take advantage of your puppy’s sensitive learning period!

Who should come?

All puppies who will be under 18 weeks of age on the first day of class. All sizes, all breeds, all temperaments welcome!

Puppies must have their first round of the DHPP vaccination, as well as their first deworming, at least 10 days before class begins. The bordetella and rabies vaccinations are recommended but not required.

Where are classes held?

Classes are held in our training center at 318 Main Street, Star Prairie, WI.

What should I bring?

  1. Your puppy, good and hungry.

  2. Really yummy food, cut up into small pea-sized pieces. Think soft food like hotdogs, cheese, chicken, beef, salami, liver. No hard or dry treats, please. Soft training treats will be available to purchase.

  3. A bully stick, Kong, or other distracting chew item for your puppy (for break times).

  4. A regular 4-foot or 6-foot leash and a regular buckle collar or harness. No retractable leashes, choke or prong collars, please.

By clicking REGISTER, you confirm that you understand and agree to the terms of the hold-harmless waiver.


Why puppy classes?

The most important time for puppy socialization is the first four months of life. During this unique precious window, a puppy who has positive experiences with as many new people, animals, and environments as possible has the best chance at growing up to be a happy, confident dog.

Incomplete socialization can increase the risk for behavior problems such as fear and aggression - the number one cause of relinquishment to shelters and early euthanasia. So a happy, confident dog who loves strangers, children, other dogs, strange new settings and noises - even men with beards and ball caps! - is most likely to live happily ever after!